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Why Curious People Have Better Relationships

Research suggests that being curious might be a social glue that strengthens our relationships.

Research studies have found that people who are curious can be seen as being as more interesting and engaging, and they are more likely to reach out to a wider variety of people.

There also seems to be some evidence that being curious can protect people from negative social experiences, like rejection, which could lead to better connection with others over time.

Research carried out at George Mason University suggested that curious people connect better. Whilst another study in Japan suggests that curious people cope better with rejections.

Other studies suggest that curious people are less aggressive as they enquire and listen so are in receiving rather than transmitting, asking rather than telling. Curious people are also more likely to enjoy social interactions, again as they are wishing to get to know others and understand them more.

So an interesting question is – can curiosity be learnt or enhanced? The reality is that if we ask open questions, listen actively and stay present in the moment in our relationships we are more than likely to have deeper more trusting relationships whilst being curious and not necessarily realising it. The more meaningful and trusting our relationships the greater chance we have of fulfilment.

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