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Managers can help prevent employees from working while sick

The lead author an article in the International Journal of Psychology study states "Managers should be trained to develop supportive leadership skills that are able to function as a protective factor buffering the detrimental association between an overwhelming compulsion to work and presenteeism." We know that presenteesim, showing up to work while ill, costs the UK economy £70bn per annum. If managers were able to support team members to be out of the office when unwell and recover appropriately, the positive impact on the holistic cost would be .....?Feeling confident to be a manager who supports a team as each of the team members need, by taking time to talk to them, really getting to know each other, whilst building trust, which will enable honest and good leadership conversations rather than "difficult conversations", can only have a positive impact for individuals, teams, departments, organisations and society as a whole.

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