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Being Too Busy for Friends Won’t Help Your Career

An interesting article in HBR states "Friendship matters. Everything we do to succeed in our careers is improved when we’re supported by a foundation of strong, stable friendships." Friends are critical to our health and wellbeing. By cultivating our friendships we have a support network and people we can turn to as a sounding board for those all important career decisions.

However in this time poor world it can be hard to nurture those relationships. Neale Roese suggests the following to help:

firstly make the effort;

secondly ask for your friends’ perspectives;

thirdly plan around shared interests;

fourthly make new friends; and

finally prioritize work and friendships

In the words of Roese "research shows that friendship matters, yet the challenges to maintaining strong, intimate social connections have never been more severe." Making time and putting investment into friendships mean that you can boost your career as well as your wellbeing.

Source: HBR


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